Epping Public Trails

Mary Blair Park

This park, located on Route 27 in West Epping, is named for Mary Folsom Blair. Mary was the daughter of mill owners and was a popular teacher in Epping. She donated the land, formerly used as part of her family's mill complex, to the children of Epping. The park currently has two baseball fields and supporting structures. It is the start of the annual Epping Canoe Race every April. It is a site of great activity and potential. Volunteers in Epping have worked hard to expand the park's offerings: nomination to the Register of Historic Places, development of a history walking trail, creation of a natural playground, and an improved canoe launch.

To view a video about Mary Blair Park, please click here.

To view slides about the creation of the kiosk at the park, please click here.

To view an archaeological assessment abstract concerning the removal of the Bunker Pond/Folsom Dam in 2010, please click here. For the full report, please contact Edna Feighner at the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources.

To view photos of Mary Folsom Blair, please click here.

To view panels from the Folsom Mills trail, please click here. Panels are copyrighted by the Epping Historical Society and are used by permission.

To view photos of the natural playground elements, please click here.

Lamprey River Forest

This 108 acre parcel is owned by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and offers significant Lamprey River frontage that includes vernal pools and some really big pines. The site has a well-planned woods road and trail system. From the intersection of Route 125 and Route 27, drive west on Route 27 and turn right onto Main Street. Continue .25 miles and turn left onto Prescott Road. Continue 1.5 miles until a stone wall appears. Park on the side of Prescott Road. The trail entrance is a break in the stone wall.

Tilton Conservation Area, Route 87 bridge

This site takes walkers through some nice floodplain habitat along the Lamprey River. Please tread lightly always, but especially in spring when the trail will be especially wet. This is a good site to launch a canoe and is where the annual Epping Canoe Race ends. The bridge and parking lot are located on Route 87, 1.5 miles east of Route 125.  For more information, click here.

Folsom Park

This 33.5 acre parcel of town-owned conserved land has many trails that walkers and bicyclists can enjoy along the rail trail and the Lamprey River. Take Route 27 heading west toward Raymond. Turn Left onto Joshua Lane, just after crossing the Lamprey River. Follow Joshua Lane to the end and park.

Fox Run Park

This park combines walking trails, winter skating, youth fishing, and a playground in the site that was completely refurbished in 2012. From Route 125,  turn onto Old Nottingham Road (between Napa Auto Parts and Twin Pines Driving Range). Turn right at the forks, then right onto Towle Road.  Follow Towle Road past Comac Road and Fox Ridge Road. Towle Road turns into a dirt road just before the crushed rock parking area.