NH State Rivers Program Members

In June 2011, HB 149 was signed into law and the full Lamprey River and five of its major tributaries were added to the NH River Management and Protection Program (NHRMPP). Prior to this date, the only part of the river that was covered by the program was the segment that ran through Lee and Durham. In addition to the NHRMPP, the main stem river that goes through Epping, Lee, Durham, and Newmarket is also listed as a Wild and Scenic River through the National Park Service. Although the responsibilities of the two programs are similar in many aspects, such as project review and comment and the creation of a river management plan, they differ in funding. The NHRMPP provides no financial assistance to participating rivers, whereas the Wild and Scenic Rivers program does provide funding.

Each town in the Lamprey's watershed (drainage area) is encouraged to nominate up to four representatives who are appointed by the NH Dept. of Environmental Services. As of January, 2022, they are as follows: 

Barrington  John Wallace
Candia  Al Hall

Mary Ann Krebs (W&S)   (treasurer) 
Dick Lord (W&S) (vice chair)  

Epping Joseph Foley (W&S) (chair)

F. James Brady (W&S)

Tasha Lewis (W&S)

Kitty Miller (W&S)
Dennis Regan (W&S)


Jerry Martin (W&S)
Patrick Reynolds (W&S)

Northwood  Grace Levergood
Nottingham  Peter White
Raymond  Therese Thompson