River Protection Programs and the Lamprey River

The Lamprey River and its five main tributaries (Little, North, North Branch, Pawtuckaway, and Piscassic) have been designated into the New Hampshire Rivers Management and Protection Program which is administered by the NH Department of Environmental Services.

Twenty-three miles of the main stem Lamprey River (from the former Bunker Pond Dam in West Epping, through Lee and Durham, and ending at the confluence of the Piscassic River in Newmarket) are also protected under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

Both programs help to identify, manage, and protect outstanding resources in certain rivers, but both do so in a mostly advisory capacity. For each program, we have provided information about the designation(s) into the program, the purpose of the program, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

NH Designation 1990, 2011

State: NH Rivers Program

NH Rivers FAQ

NH Rivers Program Orientation, 2011

Wild and Scenic Designation

Federal: Wild & Scenic Rivers

Wild and Scenic FAQs