LRAC - How We Are Funded

Because a section of the Lamprey is a Wild and Scenic River, the National Park Service provides the LRAC with some operating funds. These funds pay for general and project expenses, part-time land protection specialists, a part-time outreach specialist, and personnel support from the National Park Service's Boston office. The National Park Service funding is designated for use primarily in the Wild and Scenic towns of Epping, Lee, Durham, and Newmarket. The New Hampshire Rivers Management and Protection Program provides no funding to designated rivers.

Key Investments in the River

Beyond the annual operating budget,  the US Congress formerly allocated additional funding for conservation easements and associated costs for protecting land in the Lamprey corridor. Working with conservation partners, the LRAC has helped to permanently protect approximately 3700 acres of land, with more than 13 miles of river frontage. Land protection along the Lamprey is one of the best ways to ensure clean water and critical wildlife habitat now and into the future.

Examples of other LRAC activities are found throughout this web site:

  • improvements and signage at several public access sites
  • funding water quality, wildlife, and historical research in the river corridor
  • the development of a river-based curriculum for elementary and high school students containing elements of history, science, writing, and art
  • production of DVDs that focus on the history and issues of the river
  • significant work at Wiswall Falls including funding the facing of the new bridge abutments with historic stone, and creating four panels for a kiosk about the industrial and natural history of the site and along the river.
  • offering presentations and field trips to help local residents understand, enjoy, and protect the river
  • participating with local, state and federal agencies in the development of a water management plan (Instream Flow) to maintain adequate flows and volume in the river for human and wildlife needs