LRAC Responsibilities

One of the principle responsibilities of the LRAC is the development and implementation of a long range River Management Plan. The plan is based on protecting and enhancing the outstanding values of wildlife habitat, history, water quality, and recreation that earned the river its inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System and the NH Rivers Management and Protection Program. The on-going work of the committee focuses on activities that meet goals of the plan in cooperation with local towns, schools, residents, and conservation or historic organizational partners.

Another important state mandate of the committee is to review and comment on all development or re-development projects within the quarter mile corridors of the Lamprey River and the five designated tributaries (Little, North, North Branch, Pawtuckaway, and Piscassic rivers) that could impact the river. The committee cannot direct or alter local or state regualtions, nor can it grant or deny permits, but state and federal agencies responsible for approving these projects must consider the LRAC's comments. Examples of projects that the LRAC has reviewed include the following:

  • the Durham/University of New Hampshire permit for withdrawing water from the Lamprey for its public water supply
  • removal of the old bridge and construction of the new Wiswall Bridge in Durham
  • fish passage over the Wiswall Dam
  • improvements to the wastewater treatment plants in Epping and Newmarket
  • a proposed golf course along the Lamprey in Durham
  • Northern Pass transmission line
  • subdivisions
  • industrial developments
  • any engineered modifications to wetlands or the shoreland that require a state permit

The committee is also directed "to consider the disposition of state-owned surplus lands along the river." When the state no longer desires to own and manage land that once served a purpose, that land can be sold or donated to another entity. In one case involving land around the former Bunker Pond Dam in Epping, the committee recommended donating land adjacent to Mary Blair Park to the Town of Epping and retaining ownership on the other side of the river for access to the remaining dam abutment.

Please note, as an advisory committee, we have no statutory authority to investigate potential violations or to enforce laws or conditions of permits. If you have concerns about a possible problem along any the rivers, please contact the code enforcement officer of that town or NHDES. In an emergency situation, such as an active chemical spill, please call the local police.

Important LRAC Documents

LRAC Bylaws

2013 Rivers Management Plan

Twenty Years of Progress

1995 River Management Plan

1995 River Study report

1994 Resource Assessment

1996 Wild and Scenic Designation

2013 Lamprey River Water Management Plan

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