Northwood Public Trails

Northwood Meadows State Park

This 668 acre park is considered the headwaters of the Lamprey River. The park is located among the hills and low mountains between the central uplands and coastal plain. Highlights include beaver flowages, black gum swamp, seepage swamp, and an unusual fen. The parking area is accessible off Route 4 in Northwood center. For more information about the park, please click here.

Saddleback Mountain, The Parsonage Trail

The Saddleback Mountain Trail passes through this 204 acre town-owned parcel. Access is possible from both Northwood Meadows State Park and Mountain Road. Coming from the north, the trail passes over a mountian peak at 1050 feet and onto a vista overlook at 1000 feet. The trail then descends into Deerfield, passing the Channel 11 broadcast tower and a beaver pond. At the southern end, a wetlands loop trail goes to the west. The parking area is located just east of the town hall and Harmony Road at the Northwood Meadows State Park gate off Route 4 in Northwood center. To view a detailed description of a suggested hike, please click here.