Durham Public Trails

Durham straddles two river watersheds:  Lamprey and Oyster. The two are often closely affiliated and both drain to Great Bay. For a complete listing and description of the many walking trails in Durham, please visit the Town of Durham website.

The sites listed below are significant for the Lamprey River watershed:

Lamprey River Preserve

This 240 acre natural area is owned by The Nature Conservancy and is managed for wildlife habitat. It does not have formal trails, but walkers are welcome. Please leave your dogs, bikes, and horses at home. The parking lot is located on Packers Falls Road. For a map of the site, please click here. 

Packer's Falls

This small park has a .4 mile trail and limited canoe access, but visitors will enjoy a wonderful view of Class III rapids in spring and a refreshing dip in summer. Limited parking is available off Packers Falls Road or Bennett Road.

John Hatch Park at Wiswall Falls

This historic site offers much to see in terms of relic mill foundations, kiosks that describe centuries of history, a fish ladder, and excellent trout fishing opportunities. The small parking lot is located off Wiswall Road. The bridge is a popular site for jumping into the river for a swim, but please note that rocks can and do hide just below the surface. For more information about this park, please click here.

Doe Farm

This 80 acre town forest has 2.5 miles of walking trails, much right along the Lamprey River. The site lacks a sandy beach, but swimming is popular. The parking lot is located off Bennet Road.

Thompson Forest

This 54 acre site is located on conservation land owned by the Town of Durham and is managed for wildlife. Located on Wednesday Hill Road, the 1.2 mile loop trail goes through shrubby fields and forest, with a picnic area on the Lamprey River.  For more information, click here.