Public Canoe Access

New! August 2020 Public Paddling Access Map & Guide:

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This map covers Raymond, Epping, Lee, Durham, and Newmarket on main stem Lamprey River


Other sites for paddling in or near Lamprey River watershed but not on main stem Lamprey River:


UNH Recreation Area at Mendum's Pond:

265 acres, cartop, fee, latitude 43.171244, longtitude 71.059217, Rte. 4 to Hall Rd

Stonehouse Pond:

13 acres, cartop, fly fishing only, no petroleum powered boats, latitude 43.201232, longitude 71.095895, Rte. 202

Swains Lake Boat Ramp:

341 acres, ramp, latitude 43.200161, longitude 71.046249, Rte. 9 to Young Rd, 1.3 miles on left






Bear Brook State Park - Beaver Pond Cartop Facility:

62 acres,  cartop, fee, no motors, latitude 43.112248, longitude 71.329503, Podunk Rd. to end of Campground Rd.

Freeses Pond Shorebank Access:

25 acres, shorebank, latitude 43.150580, longitude 71.233797, Rte. 107

Pleasant Lake Boat Ramp:

479 acres, ramp, latitude 43.201469, longitude 71.270631, off Rte. 107 to Gulf Rd.

Veasey Park on Pleasant Lake:

479 acres,  shorebank, latitude 43.194523, longitude 71.267657, off Rte. 107

Bear Brook State Park - Spruce Pond Boat Access:

22 acres, ramp,  fee, latitude 43.113570, longitude 71.334272, Podunk Rd. to Campground Rd.


Spruce Hole Bog Conservation Area

Packers Falls Road   |   40 acres

DIRECTIONS: From downtown Durham, take Mill Rd approximately 2.3 miles to Packers Falls Rd. Take a right on Packers Falls Road. Parking for the Oyster River Forest and Spruce Hole Bog Conservation Area is immediately on the right.


Scammell Bridge Saltwater Fishing Access (Little Bay):

shore bank, latitude 43.130550, longitude 70.853180, Rte. 4, Cedar Pt.

Adams Point Boat Ramp (Little Bay):

ramp, latitude 43.095090, longitude 70.867438, Rte. 108 to Durham Point Rd. or Bay St. to Adams Point Rd.

Jackson's Landing (Oyster River):

ramp, latitude 43.135120, longitude 70.910583, Rte. 108 (Dover Rd.) to Old Piscataqua Rd.

Old Town Landing (Oyster River):

cartop, latitude 43.131560, longitude 70.917463, Rte. 4 to Old Landing Rd.

Wagon Hill Conservation Area (Oyster River):

shore bank, latitude 43.124987, longitude 70.872460, Rte. 4


Brickyard Pond:

shorebank, latitude 42.976023, longitude 70.973220, Rte. 111 west toward Kingston

Colcord Pond Fishing Area:

8 acres,  shore bank, latitude 42.988396, longitude 70.972330, Rte. 27 to Colcord Pond Rd.

Exeter Reservoir, Waterworks Pond:

22 acres, shore bank, latitude 42.986875, longitude 70.931973, Portsmouth Ave.

Pickpocket Dam (Exeter River):

shore bank, latitude 42.969452, longitude 71.001092, Pickpocket Rd. off Rte. 111

Gilman Park (Exeter River):

ramp, latitude 42.973499, longitude 70.943108, off Bell Ave.

McDowell Conservation Area (Exeter River):

cartop, latitude 42.961938, longitude 70.964361, Powder Mill Rd.

Exeter Boat Launch (Squampscot River):

ramp, latitude 42.982854, longitude 70.948767, downtown Exeter




Newfields Town Landing (Squampscot River):

ramp, latitude 43.034696, longitude 70.936709, Rte. 108


Dole Marsh Shorebank Access:

shorebank, fee, latitude 43.173138, longitude 71.190539, Rte. 43

Lucas Pond Cartop Facility:

40 acres, cartop, no boats with motor of any kind, fee, latitude 43.181269, longitude 71.162617, Rte. 43 to Lucas Rd., 0.3 mile on right

Northwood Meadows State Park Cartop Facility:

18 acres, cartop, no motors, latitude 43.205346, longitude 71.201623, Rte. 4

Northwood Boat launch (Northwood Lake):

653 acres, ramp, latitude 43.219543, longitude 71.259207, Rte. 4

Woodman Marsh Shorebank Access:

shore bank, latitude 43.173069, longitude 71.187362, Rte. 43


Pawtuckaway State Park - Burnham Marsh Cartop Facility:

shore bank,  fee, latitude 43.091126, longitude 71.157067, Pawtuckaway State Park Rd.

Nottingham Lake:

35 acres, shore bank, latitude 43.124952, longitude 71.050649, Mill Pond Rd.

Pawtuckaway Lake Boat Ramp (Fundy Cove):

784 acres, ramp, 6 MPH in Fundy Cove, shallow channel when low water, latitude 43.109189, longitude 71.147976, Fundy Rd.

Pawtuckaway State Park Cartop Facility:

784 acres, cartop, fee, latitude 43.087032, longitude 71.158829, Rte. 156 to Pawtuckaway State Park

Pawtuckaway State Park:

784 acres, shorebank, fee, latitude 43.084831, longitude 71.155038, Pawtuckaway State Park Rd.

Pawtuckaway State Park - Round Pond Shorebank:

29 acres, shorebank, fee, latitude 43.116039, longitude 71.177870, Pawtuckaway State Park- Round Pond Trail


Town Beach (Governors Lake):

61 acres, cartop, latitude 43.055195, longitude 71.183781, Harriman Hill Rd.

Lamprey River Shorebank Access:

shore bank, latitude 43.063740, longitude 71.227791, Rte. 27 to Dudley Rd.

Onway Lake Boat Ramp:

179 acres, ramp, latitude 43.044488, longitude 71.222102, Rte. 27 to Langford Rd., 1.2 miles