Note: The following resource list is divided into five sections:

General Re­sources:

includes books, videos, articles, pamphlets, natural history guides, and historical society files

Children's Fiction

Activity-based Presenta­tions

(Those programs that are starred (*) are available through Sea Grant Extension's Marine Education Resource Center, 122 Mast Road/UNH, Durham, NH 03824-3512; (603) 862-6700

Resource People and Historical Societies

Addresses of Science Supply Companies.

General Resources:

“An Unchartered Town: Newmarket on the Lamprey -Historical Notes and Per­sonal Sketches,” by Joseph Harvey, The Granite Monthly: A New Hampshire Magazine, Volume 40, pp. 33-76, 1908.

A Bicentennial History of Epping, New Hampshire, by Richard B. Sanborn, 1994.

A Brief History of Highland House, by Richard Lord.

*Drowned Valley: The Piscataqua River Basin, by John P. Adams, University Press of New England, 1976.

“Cultural Resource Assessment, Phase I,” Wiswall Falls Hydro­Electric Project, 1985. by Charles E. Bolian and Jeffrey P. Maymon.

Earth Science Library: Rivers and Lakes, by Martyn Bramwell, Franklin Watts, 1986.

Explore the Lamprey River: Hiking trail, Paddling access, Historic sites. Lamprey River Advisory Committee, 2008 (map and information)

Eyewitness Books: Pond and River, Dorling and Kindersley.

Eyewitness: Pond and River, narrated by Martin Sheen, BBC World wide Americas and D.K. Vision, 1996 (video, 35 minutes).

“Items Sought Which Tell Lee's Past,” by Renata Dodge, Transcript, Volume 5, No. 34, July 8, 1980. Ms. Dodge collected information on the Lee area for many years. These documents can be seen by appointment at the Lee Historical Society.

The Gristmill, By Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree Publishing Company. 1990.

“Historic Railroad Station Museums of New Hampshire,” a flyer found at the Raymond library.

History of Epping, New Hampshire, by John J. Tilton, 1941. (Lamprey Rivers Advisory Committee) (Lamprey River Watershed Association)

Lamprey River Resource Assessment, by Margaret Watkins, 1994.

The Lamprey River Tour: Mary Blair Park. Lamprey River Advisory Committee, 2010, (video)

Lamprey River Village, the Early Years, by Sylvia Fitts Getchell, Newmarket Press, 1976.

The Lamprey River Watershed Guide, edited and designed by Cynthia Lay and Barry Kane, Foster's Daily Democrat.

Landmarks in Ancient Dover, New Hampshire, by Mary P. Thompson, Durham Historical Association, 1965.

Lee Historical Society Folders about Dr. Isaiah Edgerly, Reuben Hill, Robert Parker and Wadleigh Falls.

Lee in Four Centuries by Ursula Baier, Editor, 1966.

Lee, New Hampshire by John Scales, 1916.

Look Closer:  River Life and Pond Life. Photographed by Frank Greenaway and written by Barbara Taylor, DK Publishing, Inc. 1992.

National Audubon Society Pocket Guides, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Birds, Lakes and Rivers, Butterflies, Flowers, Insects and Spiders, Mammals, Mushrooms, Reptiles and Amphibians, Rocks and Minerals, Trees, and Water­fowl.

National Audubon Society Nature Guides: Wetlands, by William A. Niering, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York, 1998.

Nature Crafts for Kids, by Gwen Diehn & Terry Krautwurst, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1992.

The New Hampshire Atlas and Gazetteer, DeLorme Mapping Company (Use newest edition available).

One Small Square: Ponds. By Donald M. Silver, illustrations by Patricia J. Wynne, W. H. Freeman & Co., 1994. (Great resource for children to learn about the plant and animal life in ponds.)

Old Newmarket, New Hampshire: Historical Sketches. The Newsletter Press, 1932.

Peterson First Guides: Trees, by George A. Petrides, Houghton Mifflin Com­pany, 1993. Also, Birds, Butterflies and Moths, Caterpillars, Fishes, Insects, Mam­mals, Reptiles and Amphibians, Rocks and Minerals, and Wildflowers.

Photo of the Portsmouth Branch timetable,

A Pictorial History of Raymond, New Hampshire, 1764 to 1976, Raymond Historical Society.

*Ports of the Piscataqua, by William G. Saltonstall, Harvard University Press, 1941.

The Portsmouth and Concord Railroad,” A Pictorial History of Raymond, New Hampshire, 1764 to 1976  

“Re: Portsmouth and Concord Railroad,”

A Preliminary Cultural Resource Survey of the Lamprey River Drainage, by Jeffrey H. Maymon, 1983.

Registration and Description of the Wiswall Falls Mill Site, by Peter H. Scott of P.H. Scott Consulting Services for the National Park Service, 1987.

“Remnants of the Boston & Maine Railroad: Portsmouth Branch,”

A River Ran Wild, by Lynne Cherry, Harcourt Brace & Company, 1992.
*River Story: The Lamprey River through History, Lamprey River Advisory Committee and Ideaworks, 1999. (video, 20 minutes).  

Some Data on the Lamprey River by Donald Sanborn, 1994.

Streamwalk. Lamprey River Advisory Committee & the Lamprey River Watershed Association, Wonderlake Media, (video).

The Tide Turns on the Lamprey: Vignettes in the Life of a River-A, History of Newmarket, New Hampshire, by Sylvia Fitts Getchell, Capital Offset Co., Inc., 1989.

The Wadleigh Falls Site: An Early and Middle Archaic Period Site in Southeast­ern New Hampshire, by Jeffrey H. Maymon and Charles E. Bolian, 1992.

Wadley's Falls. by Frank A. Davis, M.D., 1965.

Wiswall’s Mill:  A Short History. Lamprey River Advisory Committee. (video, 26 minutes)

Children's Fiction:

"Canoe Days", by Gary Paulsen. Dragonfly Books, 1999. (Canoe and paddler encounter animals in their habitats on a lake.)

"Down the Mast Road", by John M. Duncan. McGraw-Hill, 1956. (Imagine yourself a young person going with the men and more than 20 teams of oxen into the woods to fell the huge white pine trees that were used as masts for the sailing ships.)

"Hannah's Fancy Notions", by Ross. Once Upon America series. Puffin Books, 1992. (Hannah works in a factory that produces laces, buttons, ribbons, and other "fancy things." It helps the reader learn what mill workers' lives were like.)

"Letting Swift River Go", Written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Barbara Cooney, Little, Brown & Co., 1992. (This is about the building of the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts and describes life on one of the rivers that was flooded by the waters held in the reservoir.)

"Lyddie", by Katherine Paterson. Lodestar Books, Dutton, 1991. (A young girl begins to work in the cotton mills in Lowell, MA. Long hours, low pay, but a chance to learn many things.)

"Splish Splash Poems about water presented in shapes", by Joan Bransfield Graham, Scholastic Inc. 1996.

"The Story of Peter Little Bear: A Lamprey River Adventure", By David Allan and Leslie Hamilton. Publishing Works. Exeter, NH, 2005.

"Water Dance", by Thomas Locker, Sandpiper, 2002. (Tells about the water cycle through poetic verse and beautiful illustrations.)

"Where the River Begins", by Thomas Locker. Puffin Books, 1984 (A grandfather and his grandchildren go on a hiking and camping trip to the beginning of the river that flows by their home.)

Activity-based Presentations:

*Watersheds. Presented by the UNH Marine Docents through their SEATREK program, it focuses on importance of protecting watersheds and includes model building explorations with the Enviroscape, and a non-point pollution component, (1 hour, cost $40)

*What’s so Great about Great Bay? A slide program which presents the Great Bay Estuarine system. A short description of the Lamprey River is a part of the program. SEATREK program, (1 hour, cost $40)

Resource Organizations and People:

Historical societies:  Historical society museums have many documents and artifacts that help us learn about our ancestors. The people connected with the societies have lots of information to share or know a source that will help you learn more about your subject. You might want to contact them before planning a visit or for more information. The information listed below was current as of spring 2012.

Fitts Museum, High Street (Route 27) at the top of the hill   Open to the public the third Saturday of the month (May to October) from 1:00–4:00 p.m.



Museum Archivist: Mel Graykin. Call Saturday mornings at the library (463-7187) to arrange a Saturday afternoon visit to the Museum.


Richard Lord             659-2

Historical Society, upstairs at the old courthouse, corner of Route 108 and Main Street, open by appointment

Joy True           679-8855 Historical Society, 11 Water Street     open Mondays 9 –12:00


7 Mast Road, by appointment  659-5414


Stone School Museum, located on Granite St., open Thursdays 2-4   June through August or by appointment. Call 659-7420 or 659-3295 and leave a message.


The Society's Museum is located on School Street in Northwood Narrows, town historian is Mrs. Joann Bailey 942-8661.


The van Dame Museum and Research Center, located next to the Town Office building and Police Station, is open most Thursdays from 9 to 11 a.m. or by special arrangement. 679-5022


Historical Society and Railroad Depot, 1 Depot Road, in the village off Main Street 895-2866.  Open Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. May through mid-October

Lamprey River Advisory Committee

Suzanne Petersen, outreach specialist

Lamprey River Watershed Association

Cris Blackstone, executive director

Science Supply Companies

CHEMetrics, Inc.

LaMotte Company