1994 Resource Assessment

When the Lamprey River was undergoing the application and review process for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System in 1994, an assessment of the river's resources was created. A second purpose of the report was to provide the Lamprey River Advisory Committee with information for its river management and planning efforts. The report focused on the river and adjacent areas within 1/4 of each bank (the "river corridor"). The final report included background and data about the following resources:

  •     geology
  •     soils
  •     hydrology
  •     wildlife, habitat, & plant communities
  •     agriculture
  •     recreation
  •     history & archaeology

The report also included information about corridor communities and existing regulations. Various appendices, maps, figures, and tables round out the assessment.

The full report is available here and it includes a table of contents to help narrow a search for a particular topic.