River Herring

River herring is the common term used to describe two species of anadromous fish: alewives and blueback herring. Rivers along the eastern seaboard once teemed with these fish in the spring as they migrated from the ocean to breed in our rivers. Populations are in decline along the eastern seaboard. Humans’ many dams and activities on land and in the sea are largely to blame. The federal government is considering listing these fish as endangered species.

River herring were recognized as being one of three "outstandingly remarkable values" in the Lamprey River's Wild and Scenic River designation by the US Congress. The continued presence of these fish in the Lamprey is important locally and nationally.   

Click here to read the summary of a presentation by Kevin Sullivan of the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game from December 8, 2015.

Click here for Kevin's slides.  

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