How to Report a Wildlife Sighting

The following species are known to exist along the Lamprey and are listed in New Hampshire as threatened or endangered:

birds: bald eagle, peregrine falcon, pied-billed grebe, sedge wren

fish: banded sunfish, bridle shiner

mammals: eastern small-footed bat, little brown bat, northern long-eared bat, tri-colored bat

reptiles: Blanding’s turtle, spotted turtle, wood turtle, black racer snake, timber rattlesnake

If you see any of the animals above, please contact the Non-game and Endangered Wildlife Program, at Many other animals are listed at this website.

Every report matters! We can’t protect rare species and habitats if we can’t document their presence. The more reports received, the better the chances that an area will be protected from development. Even if you have seen and reported an animal before, please report it again. A series of reports over several years is more valuable than a single report that is years old.