Lamprey River Fish Community Survey 1983-1985 Summary of Findings

from NH Fish and Game Statewide Inventory of Public Waters

1983-1985 Lamprey River Main Stem and Tributaries

1983-1985 Lamprey River Main Stem and Tributaries Chart

In 1983-1985, 72.6% of fish from the main stem only were fluvial specialists, 10.2 % were fluvial dependent, and 17.0% were macrohabitat generalists.

In 1983-1985, 68.1% of main stem and tributary fish were fluvial specialists, 21.5% were macrohabitat generalists, and 10.4% were fluvial dependent.

Although mostly not encountered in the above summer fish survey, the Lamprey also has or has historically had the following diadromous fish: Atlantic salmon, alewife, blueback herring, American eel, sea lamprey, American shad, and smelt. These species typically remain in fresh water for less than a year.